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the fugitives


Chris Gernon relies on his Louisiana roots growing up inside his father’s hardware store to guide and inspire his work. A mom and pop type general store where his father’s formica countertop served as the sketch pad. Chris was given every opportunity to create any project he could dream up. Some were far fetched but nothing was out of reach or off limits when it came to filling his imagination. This fundamental idea shaped the rest of his life and Chris is honestly at his best when he’s creating. Today, nuts and bolts are exchanged for computers and keyboards but the philosophies are the same.

meet the fugitives

the hideout


Our Los Angeles hideout was previously the home for Aero-Engines Inc. a warehouse where engines of World War II era planes were manufactured. Today, the building has gone through much change, but some remnants do remain. The space is home to Fugitives, where collaboration and storytelling are now the engines driving this building, but the desire to create remains. See our building’s past and present through the following photos.