Chris Gernon is featured this month in Beverly Hills Magazine, the Founder/CEO of Fugitives had the opportunity to speak on the development of Fugitives’ philosophy and passion for social change. The feature focuses on how Fugitives’ operates as the “we-can-fix-it” marketing agency. But what this brings out the most is Chris’ passion for social change, and how that passion plays a role at Fugitives’ – using marketings skills to affect social change – most recently seen in our Lane Thomas Foundation work and Francis.

Video and visual marketing is inevitably representational of a brand and its tone. Every element of a video: color, rhythm, texture, pacing, plays a part in the telling of a brand story and relates to the bigger picture of the over arching brand. Every detail and every aspect has to be correct for the right impression, both the written tonality and visual tonality. There is nothing haphazard about a brand marketing video. Everything has to have a purposeful choice behind it. Those choices have to be strong in order to be distinguishable.

-Chris Gernon

Head over to Beverly Hills Magazine and see Chris’ latest feature: https://beverlyhillsmagazine.com/music-entertainment/hollywood-spotlight-chris-gernon-of-fugitives/#.WdVhLRMrI1-