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The way we consume entertainment and marketing messages has forever changed. ​
​Today, new media is not just for millennials, in fact more and more Baby Boomers are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other digital platforms.
As new platforms such as VR, targeting and big data take​ ​over​, the traditional agency model is struggling to keep up.

We didn’t want ​the ​struggle​,​ so we decided to change the game.
We are Fugitives from the status quo.


​Talent is the most important asset in any communications company.
But over the past few years we’ve noticed that talent has moved into three distinct geographic locations.

The really talented people in production, VR and video tech are focused ​in Los Angeles.
New product and entertainment launches and the best in business PR are centered in Las Vegas​.​
​The new world of digital, social and traditional advertising is based in San Francisco.

We founded Fugitives to take advantage of the best talent in the world. And, we couldn’t do that in one location.
Fugitives has three offices, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles for one reason.
To deliver the best talent to our clients under one very large roof.

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